UWO, a platform by Unified Web Options And Services Private Limited. It’s social video Outlet for Video creators, to express yourself through singing, dancing,artistictic activity,comedy and lip-synchronization. It’s a mobile application for capturing and sharing flawless short entertaining videos on various categories like Bollywood, Comedy, Current affair, Cooking, Fashion, Romantic, Motivational, Dance, etc in seconds. Just shoot a few takes, tap the "U" button ,shoot for 15 seconds and quickly edit with exciting features like AR,VR filters, stickers, effects, vivid backgrounds and post an impressive videos by expressing your talent. Become an internet celebrity by showcasing your Caliber.


UWO is an award-winning creative platform. Our team of ingenious people who spend their time building UWO, connecting with Businesses and Individuals around the world and sharing experiences. We’re a team of highly skilled designers, developers,writers, support specialists etc. We’re proud to launch the UWO App for millions of users in nation and worldwide.


We created UWO to help bring individuals from everywhere across the nation on a single platform. Our success is proportionate to how well we accomplish our mission by satisfying every user. Creativity is the key to everything and UWO helps people to achive one. From short video creation to Music everything over here tells our story and quality we stand for.We look forward for empowering content creators, video creators and all individuals of varied skill sets to create unique, memorable and high-quality memories for their creative identity in the market.

More About UWO

Amazing Features

A platform that unites the Bhartians.

Create your own amazing videos using various user-friendly AR, VR filters, stickers, effects lenses, background music, background, frames, and other video effects.

Watch unlimited videos uploaded daily by creators.

Share your amazing videos made with interesting features of UWO to your friends on UWO as well as on all other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Earn by creating videos.

App is available for free on Google Play Store